Attract the Right Kind of Clients

Elegantly, Consistently and Predictably

Before an early stage business can begin to overcome the pain and struggle of attracting the right kind of clients, in a way that is elegant, predictable and consistent, it needs to have certain elements in place. 

Chiefly, it needs the following:

  • a professional online presence that comprises of a domain name (i.e.; a professional email address, and a website;
  • a well-packaged service or solution
  • a repeatable sales process
  • a way to measure results and performance, and 
  • a way to continually improve its service offerings

The services offered by Chrysalinks Consulting assist solo legal practice owners get all these implemented faster, and in a practical and straightforward way.

Services Overview

Professional Online Presence  

Project a professional image and get taken serious by your clients, register a domain, get it hosted, get emails, and a starter website or scale it up to marketing or online sales

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90-Day Sufficient Income Campaign

Get to know your right clients and their most pressing problems, package your services/solutions, create a sales process and performance measures and sign up clients

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Get Well-Known, Established & Widely-Accepted Programme

An ongoing support programme that includes continually improving your service(s), and getting widely-accepted by your markets

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