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About Chrysalinks Consulting

Build the Business You Wanted

Chrysalinks Consulting was founded by its Principal, Sipho S. Hlophe who has over 15 years experience in business, working predominantly with solo entrepreneurs. He is currently completing his first book, The Startup Essentials for Solo Legal Practice Owners.

The book is a culmination of a 10-year long struggle with finding a no-nonsense approach to starting and growing a viable business.

This meant going through a ton of business books and interrogating every piece of business model, framework or approach touted as a panacea for business ills.

From each business book, blog, writing, or training he looked at and tested, he distilled what worked. He went on to create a 3-step programme for solo entrepreneurs to successfully start their businesses and get well-known, established and widely-accepted by their markets.


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The Backstory

Chrysalinks Consulting is currently focusing on assisting early-stage solo entrepreneurs break through the early stages of their businesses faster. The focus is influenced by some three key challenges early stage entrepreneurs face and these are: 


  1. The pain and struggle of attracting ideal clients in a way that is elegant and classy. Every other way feels salesy, devious and hard. Adding clients is painful and most frequently results in clients who are less than ideal or outright undesirable. Engaging the market leaves them feeling phony and like impostors. Without much credibility and reputation, they end up compromising and charging lower rates.

  2. Lacking an elegant way of getting ideal clients and as a result charging lower fees or working pro-bono, income becomes unpredictable and inconsistent.

  3. When sufficient clients are secured there are capacity constraints to deliver. Things keep falling through the cracks as they try to find a balance between the activities of developing their solutions, finding clients and delivering to them.


These key challenges drive the value Chrysalinks Consulting offers to solo entrepreneurs.



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Vision & Mission

To inspire and assist enough people to achieve their bold, hairy and scary goals and dreams, through building business entities they are proud of, and enable them to live the life they seek 

Core Values

– Dare the impossible through clear directions

– Provide simple, down-to-earth and practical advice

– Maintain high levels of excellence, organisation, order and balance 

– Maintain a get-things-done, no-nonsense attitude

– Be resourceful, creative and flexible

– See things through to finish

– Be accountable

The Difference

It’s not what was done that matters, but what was achieved, and therefore you only pay Chrysalinks Consulting for results and not for activities or deliverables. If you do not achieve agreed upon results, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked

To ensure results, Chrysalinks Consulting uses a well-defined, researched and tested methodology that makes it simpler to get results faster.

This is underpinned by over 16 years in business, working with early stage businesses.