Hey Solo Legal Practice Owner!

Are you sick and tired of struggling to make ends meet, carrying burdensome debts and not being able to draw an adequate salary from your practice?

If you are not generating sufficient revenues from the right kind of clients consistently, there is a little known approach that can help you generate sufficient revenues within 90-days. 

Thinking about generating sufficient income in your solo legal practice? 

Little known 90-day programme helps you find the right kind of clients, understand their most pressing problems, package the most-fitting solution, and sell it sufficiently, consistently and predictably, so that you can make ends meet, pay debts, and be able to draw an adequate salary from  your practice.



Welcome to Chrysalinks Consulting

The Companion of Those Who Dare the Impossible

About Chrysalinks

Chrysalinks Consulting aims to assist entrepreneurial solo legal practitioners start and grow practices into multiple-site or enterprise-scale operations.

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Services Overview

Chrysalinks Consulting offers early stage solo legal practice owners solutions to get well-known, established and widely-accepted by their markets faster.

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The Difference

It’s not what was done that matters, but what was achieved, and therefore you only pay Chrysalinks Consulting for results and not for activities or deliverables. 

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